R & D Approach

Design, Innovation, Quality, and Added Value

Product Development

Our Focus

Each day cannabis growers face the challenge of growing more from less -- increasing yield, reduce costs, increase productivity and profitability.  OptiLeaf's hardware and software engineers are working hard to create a solution to help growers succeed in this demanding arena.

This means we focus on providing the best technology to address their needs, be it a single technology, or a combination of technologies and services.  By merging our deep understanding of the cannabis cultivation business with our strong technology foresight, we can ensure that we will deliver leading-edge technological solution for the future. This solution will transform the cannabis industry.

OptiLeaf  R& D organization is setup so that we continue to develop and optimize our seed-to-sale growth management system and our wireless sensor network (networks of devices that control, monitor, and automate every aspect of grow house operation).

To complement our in-house expertise and bring in novel technologies which may or may not be used in cannabis cultivation industry, we are actively seeking value-adding partnerships and collaborations to bring exciting new offers to the growers.

Our Strategies

OptiLeaf’s strategies behind the development of our products are based on design, innovation, and added value.  When developing new products, we want to be the leader by introducing innovative systems that will allow cannabis cultivators to lower their costs, boost yields, and maximize production capacity.  Furthermore, when OptiLeaf develops new goods or services, we will package them with support services as well as immediate observable and psychological benefits.  Our focus is on how our products and services stand against the competition and how our technical measures relate to the customers’ needs.

Our primary strategy is to focus on quality.  Our products must meet our eight dimensions of quality:  performance, features, reliability, conformance, durability, serviceability, aesthetics, and perceived quality.  Based on our strategies, we believe OptiLeaf's products and services will be superior to the competition.  

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