R & D Overview

Our technology allows growers to increase productivity, sales, profitability, and reduce or eliminate the need for manual labor while maximizing yield.

Technology Overview


Integrated Software Suite

OptiLeaf seed-to-sale software suite will track and manage every plant and its life cycle and is guaranteed to meet any state tracking requirements. Our point of sale (POS) solution includes: real-time inventory system, order tracking, patient management, sales promotion management, business intelligence, reporting, and more.

Hardware Integration

With our hardware integration, growers will be able to automate and run the entire grow from lights to CO2 and everything in between. The system mixes the chemicals, injects the nutrients, monitors the pH and Nutrient levels, and runs the CO2 enrichment, drain, fill, purge and cleaning cycles. It also monitors the reservoir level and automatically fills it with fresh water to which it will add in the right amount of nutrients.

Manual irrigation is labor-intensive so it is one of the first grow house tasks that should be automated. Although automating irrigation is easy, such systems are not necessarily water efficient. Many growers use timers to control irrigation, but timers do not account for day-to-day variations in plant water use due to natural fluctuations in temperature and changes in light and humidity levels. In addition, plant water use increases as plants grow. This makes it difficult to obtain efficient irrigation using a timer.

Wireless Sensor Network Technology

OptiLeaf’s wireless soil moisture sensor technology will precisely monitor soil water content according to plant need. When plants use water, they take it up from the substrate. As the water content of the substrate decreases below a user-defined set-point, the soil moisture sensor will detect it and open an irrigation valve. This irrigation approach automatically replaces water used by plants or lost through evaporation and assures that plants are never exposed to drought stress. Thus, it will increase yield and eliminate the need for manual watering.

OptiLeaf Smart System

Control policies are the brains of the OptiLeaf's system. A policy consists of a set of conditions (the time of day, a sensor reading above or below a set-point, an outlet being on or off, etc.) and a set of actions (turn on or off a device, send an e-mail text message, etc.). Policies can be customized to meet the grower’s automation goals. The control policies can be designed to be simple or as complex as needed. There’s no limit to the number of control policies that can be programmed into the system. The control policies support the grow room in the same way as an around-the-clock employee would, maintaining a stable environment as it naturally changes. Many novice and even some expert growers fail to produce a decent yield just because they don't have adequate control of the environment.

OptiLeaf Wireless Sensor Network Technology

What can can be fully automated, monitored, and controlled?

  • Cooling and heating
  • Air temperature and humidity
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) Level
  • pH control
  • Scheduled flushing and cleaning cycles
  • Security and monitoring
  • Reservoir levels and nutrient injection
  • Irrigation
  • Lighting (intensity & photo-period)

Wireless Sensor Network Products

  • Complete climate sensor & controller
  • Controllable power outlets
  • Temperature/humidity sensor
  • Automatic 10-55ml/minute dosing pump
  • pH and EC/TDS controller
  • Soil moisture Sensor
  • Door and window Sensor
  • Float sensor
  • Motion detector
  • Power relay
  • Flood detection and alert system
  • Smoke detector
  • Reservoir water controller
  • Reservoir temperature sensor
  • Automatic Irrigation System